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    Applicants applying to the following part-time ONLINE programs, must use the following application:

    • Online MBA
    • Online M.S. in Computer Science
    • Online M.S. in Data Science
    • Online M.E. in Engineering Management

    Applicants applying to the Executive MBA , must use the following application:

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    Welcome to Stevens Institute of Technology’s online application for graduate study!

    Use this application to apply for the following online programs:

    • MBA
    • M.S. in Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • M.S. in Computer Science
    • M.S. in Data Science
    • M.Eng in Engineering Management

    For other graduate programs, please use this application.

    Note: Your application does not need to be completed in a single sitting. All information you enter is saved in real time. You may add new information or make changes to the information you have already entered when you log in at a later time up until the point at which you submit your application. All applications will be reviewed ONLY after all required transcripts and documents are received.

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