Graduate Admissions

    School of Business: Careers in Big Data

    Friday, May 14, 2021 at 9:00 AM

    Online Zoom event

    This event is part of a series of career-focused webinars and will explore career opportunities in Big Data that are made possible by a degree in Business Intelligence & Analytics. You'll have the chance to hear from faculty and industry experts, who will share their experiences and answer any questions you may have.

    About the Presenters: Dr. David Belanger & Sanjiv Koshal

    Dr. David Belanger is a professor and senior research fellow at the School of Business. Dr. Belanger retired as AT&T Labs chief scientist. For 15 years, he was vice president of information, software and systems research at AT&T Labs, leading research in topics ranging from computer science and data management, to analysis and visualization of data, and applications among areas such as fraud, service/network operations, marketing and mobility. This role included creation of the AT&T Research InfoLab for the exploration of creating more value from data. He is currently co-chair of the IEEE Big Data Community. 

    Sanjiv Koshal, a member of the BI&A board of advisors, brings over 25 years’ experience in data strategy, data engineering and analytics enablement across multiple sectors including pharmaceutical, financial and insurance. He has a track record of implementing digital transformation, platform modernization and process automation for the initiatives he has overseen. Sanjiv is Head of data engineering and operations at Johnson & Johnson, where he is leading a data engineering team to enable machine learning and business intelligence solutions for the Sales and Marketing portfolio. He holds a M.S. in electrical & computer sciences from Ohio University and an MBA in finance from Rutgers University.

    About the BI&A Program

    There is a need across a multitude of industries for employees who can leverage data to solve problems and improve operations. An M.S. in Business Intelligence & Analytics from the Stevens School of Business prepares students to fill these roles, which is why 93% of Class of 2020 graduates accepted job offers within three months of commencement. The BI&A program offers a concentration in Big Data, which prepares students to manage all phases of the business data lifecycle.

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